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Partial Home Styling in Melbourne

If you’re about to put your home on the market and you want to achieve your ideal selling price, home styling in Melbourne can be very useful. But what if your home only needs a few finishing touches? In this case, Property Style Counsel offers part house styling. Instead of doing a full overhaul of the interiors of your home, we can focus on changing the areas that will provide the most dramatic results in terms of netting your perfect buyer.

This could include our house declutter service, designed to tidy up a few odds and ends that could detract from the harmony and fluidity of your home’s spaces. Sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to address this yourself, but you don’t have to − our experienced home stylists can handle the clean-up for you.

Furniture Staging in Melbourne

If you’re looking for furniture staging in Melbourne, we can help you. At your initial consultation for home styling in Melbourne, one of our stylists will get all the vital information on your home, your desired selling price point and your existing furnishings.

We’ll use our expert eyes to pick out the stunning pieces of furniture and decor that you already own, and mix and match them with our own high-quality and well-maintained pieces. This approach saves you money while still achieving a look that could be found in a luxury interior design magazine.

Enquire About Partial Home Styling in Melbourne Today

For home styling and furniture staging in Melbourne that’s affordable yet still gets results, try our part house styling service. Give us a call today to make a personalised appointment with one of our dedicated home stylists. Our goal is to use all our interior design and real estate market knowledge to obtain your ideal selling price.

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