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Property Styling Consultant

If you’re about to put your home on the market and you’re not sure where to start with preparing your space for open inspections, read on. A personalised session with a real estate styling consultant can put your mind at ease and help you narrow down your ideal selling price and target buyer. This buyer won’t flinch at the price you want, because when they see the pristine yet artfully relaxed interiors of your home, they’ll see themselves already living in it. That’s the power of an exceedingly good home styling consultant, like the experienced team at Property Style Counsel.

There’s No Substitute for an Experienced Home Styling Consultant

During your appointment, your property styling consultant will have a walk-through of your home to get the layout of the land. They might make notes of features of the architecture to emphasise, ideas of colour palettes to try, or feature furnishings that would bring a certain room to life.

Your consultant will have a friendly chat with you, getting important insights about your ideal buyer from your thoughts on the topic, your desired selling price and the current real estate market. They may share her initial assessment of the furnishings of your home and suggest the services that will best help you to achieve your optimal selling price.

The Home Stylist in Melbourne to Choose for Optimal Selling Prices

If you’re looking for not just any real estate styling consultant, but the home stylist in Melbourne to get your ideal buyer signing off on the sale, choose Property Style Counsel. Call us today to book your personalised appointment.

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