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Styling a House for Sale the Smart Way with Campaign Preparation

So you’ve had full home styling done, and it all looks perfect. Or does it? It’s hard to keep a home looking magazine-chic when you’re still living in it! Our stylists have helped you declutter and furnish your house, and now with our home sale staging campaign preparation service, we can help you keep it looking at its best.

You may have taken advantage of our short term furniture hire in Melbourne, or used other items from our collection of beautiful homewares, personally picked out for your house by our stylists. The basics are all in place, but when you’re styling a house for sale, come open day you need to ensure every detail is right.

What We Can Do

Our professional stylists will come to your house just prior to open for inspection times and work their magic. They’ll fluff up pillows, get the air-con or heating working, start a fire going in your fireplace, drape throw rugs just so, revive potted plants with a drink of water, and swap out old cut flowers with new ones.

Our stylists also hide away any everyday messy items and generally act like the styling fairies that they are. We put in this special effort in order to achieve your objective – your desired selling price. With our stylists on your side, you’re got the best chance possible to reach your goal. Presenting your home for sale has never been easier!

Book a Consultation Today

Styling a house for sale isn’t just about short term furniture hire in Melbourne − it’s much more involved than just getting some hired furniture in. It also requires knowledge of interior design, real estate and buyers. At Property Style Counsel, we offer all this and more so you can reach your desired selling price. To book a private consultation, call us today.

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