Interior Styling Consultation

Want ideas on styling your house or just a room, with a budget in mind, we can help. We will give you ideas on colours, furniture selection and placement, artwork, accessories and those finishing touch.

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Partial Staging & Styling

Have a strict budget, save by Utilising your own furniture For vendors on a budget, our Partial Property Styling Package utilises some (or all of) your furniture along with our artwork and accessories to create a home that will appeal to buyers. While our Full-Service package requires your property to be empty, our partial styling package is perfect for owners who need to stay in their homes during the sale period.

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Full Staging & Styling

Full Service: We provide all furnishings and decoration. Property styling is all about wowing your potential buyers and achieving a fantastic sales result. Our full-service property styling package ensures a wonderful first impression in person or in print.

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Campaign Preparation

Want help preparing your property for the open day and/or auction day, we will arrive prior to an open for inspection to prepare your home for potential buyers. We make beds (if living in the property), style throw rugs, fluff cushions, stow away everyday items, tidy kitchens/bathrooms, activate heating/air conditioning, light open fire places, light candles and refresh flowers. It’s the little last-minute touches that can go a long way to making your property feel like a buyer’s dream home.

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Our Property Styling Services in Melbourne

At Property Style Counsel, we aim to provide house staging for sale prices that put a smile on your face and an attractive deposit in your bank account. Our special talent is using interior design to attract your ideal buyer. We don’t want to appeal to just anyone with our property styling; the greatest selling opportunities are illuminated by appealing to high-quality buyers. Our professional stylists use their knowledge of real estate, human psychology and interiors to attract buyers who will pay your desired price for your property. To achieve this result, we offer a range of pre-sale property styling services to bring your home to life and show off its full potential.

Personalised Pre-Sale Property Styling Consultations

When you engage us for property styling, we sit down with you and have a good chat. We listen to your concerns about selling your house, your ideas on how to make the most of your property’s features, and most importantly, we listen as you state your desired selling price. We can then suggest a strategy for house staging for sale prices that please you and your bank balance. We understand that property styling is all about creating a crisp and luxurious first impression, and we have what it takes to create the kind of first impression that makes people sign on the dotted line.

Partial Property Styling

When it comes to needing hire furniture for house sale and open for inspections, you may not need a lot. Perhaps you just require a few high-class pieces to help optimise the space in your home or provide a feature focal point. During your personalised property styling consultation, we can conduct an inventory assessment of your home’s current furniture, wall decorations, soft furnishings and more. We can suggest specific items that would complement the architecture of your property and the existing furnishings. Sometimes all it takes is a slight tweak here and there from an experienced stylist to completely transform a space.

Full House Staging for Sale Prices that Exceed Expectations

When your space needs a total refresh, you need full property styling. In this service of house staging for sale prices that exceed expectations, we take care of everything, including providing hire furniture for house sale that will highlight the best features of your home. We don’t just take care of the hire furniture either − we also organise soft furnishings such as throw rugs, cushions and floor rugs, as well as stunning paintings, modern accessories and even refreshing live plants and cut flowers. We know that when it comes to property styling, it’s the little details that can speak to a buyer and appeal to their imagination. We aim to represent a luxurious, comfortable and modern lifestyle. Before they know it, the buyer is imagining themselves living in your house. It’s that kind of emotional connection that drives sales.

Home Sale Preparation Service – Campaign Management

Our home sale preparation service takes the worry and stress out of getting your home ready for a real estate sales campaign. We can manage the entire process of removing and storing existing furniture, redecorating the space to appeal to your ideal buyer, and paying attention to every little detail to optimise your home’s best features. We’d love to share our expertise with you and help you get a great price for your property. As we guide you through the process with our home sale preparation service, you can trust us to make informed recommendations. We can determine if you need hire furniture for house sale in Melbourne and provide pristine interior elements such as modern furniture, striking paintings for the walls, soft furnishings for that luxurious lived-in feel, and any other detail necessary to make the most of your space.

Call Us Today for Property Styling that Gets Results

Our house staging for sale properties brings all the elements of interior design together for one simple aim – to achieve your desired selling price. If you want to attract the ideal buyer for your house, give us a call today and we’ll arrange an appointment to get you started.

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